WCC offers a family membership which means that all members of your immediate family are welcome to use the club’s facilities. We have a very reasonably priced bar, and caterers offer good value and tasty meals at the club on practice nights.


WCC is primarily run by volunteers and we are always on the lookout for extra help. If you have any expertise or an interest in getting involved in the following areas then please get in touch with one of the club’s officials:

  • Team Coaches, Managers, Scorers & Umpires
  • Committee Members, Fundraisers, Sponsors & General Helpers.

Without the help and support of parents, the club will not be able to function and so we urge you to offer assistance wherever you can – you do not have to be qualified. We ran a number of courses and will give you every support possible. All you need is the desire to get on board and make a difference for playing cricket. If you would like to become more involved in any of the above roles please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the Club Contact list.

Please note that all individuals who have regular contact with junior members will be encouraged to obtain either police clearance or complete a self-declaration form.


The club may wish to use photos to promote both WCC and participation in cricket. When official photos/videos are taken, the club will use its best endeavours to make sure you are aware and will see that they are used only in an appropriate manner. However, as a member of WCC, we will assume that you are happy to participate in such photography unless you advise otherwise.


If you have a specific issue in relation to any matter concerning yours or your child’s cricket team or a grievance about the way that the club is run, please contact either your team’s Coach or Manager, Junior Chairperson or the Club Manager.

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Register for the Season

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