last updated on 6th December 2021

The below summarizes key general information relevant to members. It has been created following advice from Sport NZ and Government guidelines.

All cricket will proceed under Alert Level 2 with restrictions as well as changes to start times for Saturday games. Individually we all must be aware of the government requirements and the role we to play.

Levels 4 and 3

  • All club run activities cease.
  • The clubrooms are locked. This includes the changing rooms and outdoor nets.

Level 2

  • Keep yourself or your children away if unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Ensure you scan in with the COVID-19 tracer app wherever you are playing.
  • Use hand sanitiser regularly throughout your game.
  • Help others to follow the guidelines and hygiene protocols.
  • When you can, keep a 1m distance from others within your game and always maintain a 2m distance from those in other games and the wider public (this includes on and off-field).
  • It is recommended that shared equipment e.g. stumps, balls etc. have been thoroughly cleaned prior to game play.
  • If the wicket keeper is to be swapped during the innings, please ensure the gear is not shared. Alternatively, get on player to keep for the entire innings.
  • Celebrations and end of match acknowledgements can happen but without any form of body contact. Physical distancing must always be adhered to.
  • No training for Beginners – Starters and Have a Go when on alert level 2

In addition to this, there are NZC guidelines in relation to the umpires and scorers at COVID Level 2:

  • Keep one metre physical distance wherever possible.
  • Umpires should not hold items for the bowler (i.e. cap, sunglasses etc.). Instead, items can be left outside the boundary or given to teammates.
  • Do not allow players to use saliva to polish or clean the ball.
  • Captains/Coaches or other staff should only handle the balls from their own team.
  • Umpires only to remake the wicket.
  • It is recommended that umpires keep a bottle of hand sanitiser on their person throughout the game.


  • NZC recommends that all scoring should be e-scoring via an individual device – ideally only one user or the device must be sanitised prior to the next user.
  • Should a paper scorebook be required, to minimise additional contact there should be only one-person utilising the book throughout the duration of the match. Should someone else be required to score, that person should supply their own pen.
  • Keep one metre distance from scorers.

The club also requests all captains, coaches and/or managers to please make a list of all attendees to your respective games including the opposition teams’ players and supporters.

Level 1

  • Waitakere cricket will operate as normal with no restrictions.
  • We recommend scanning the QR code upon entry with the NZ COVID Tracer app.
  • Maintain regular hand washing and follow general hygiene advice from the office COVID-19 website – click here for further information