Live Scoring - CricHQ

The ability to score the new Age & Stage formats will be in place on the CricHQ APP for Android and IOS. Please note that you will need to update the APP on your device’s APP Store prior to being able to use the new features. 


As this is a new development to the live platform, NZC and CricHQ would appreciate any feedback you have from using the platform. There are a handful of known bugs identified during testing, which you may or may not come across: 

  • Bowling team bonus values for wickets: it is being applied to a team, but if it is undone it is not being reset/reflected properly. If you encounter this issue, we can manually correct this with CricHQ.
  • Issue with forced retirements: where warnings aren’t being cleared properly - batsman can’t be restored when coming back.  Again, please get in touch if you encounter this and CricHQ will sort.
  • Auto-strike-rotate-on-wicket is working: however, it is also working outside the grace period, which isn’t the intended consequence. You can manually override this with the swap batsman button.

If you have any feedback or issues, please send through to the dedicated CricHQ mailbox: and copy in and someone will respond as soon as possible.