Playing Formats for Junior Grades U10 to U13 or School Year 5 to 8

With ongoing changes to the junior grades, the aim of creating faster games which are more fun and provide opportunities for greater skill development is continuing process. New Zealand Cricket’s Junior objectives are to make the game more accessible for Kiwi kids by making it their size, which means; shorter pitch lengths, fewer player numbers and shortened boundaries.

Simply click on any of these pics which will take you though some useful information on the overview of the formats for Boys & Girls. We recommend that you also follow the link to Auckland Cricket’s website where you will find the playing conditions for the season and have a read through any changes that your child will be playing in.

Please note that only age groups from Under 10 to Under 13 apply to these formats. Under 8 to Under 9 will remain the same under the Western playing format.

Full Playing Conditions Formats for each grade – Click Here