Developing Future Aces and Hearts Programme

Selection Timeline: Players are tracked/monitored throughout the whole season, with decisions made and communicated throughout early April. The district tournaments play a big part in the tracking process.

The Programme: The DFA/H programme runs officially from August through to the end of April, therefore 9 months of the year, but the players can still access key resources throughout the whole year.

Eligibility for the DFA: At the younger end, players must be in year 12 or above, at the top end, players must be eligible within the given year to represent Auckland at U19 level. This is where the relationship between the DFA and our representative sides end. A player making the DFA/H is not guaranteed a place in a representative side and a player making a representative side is not guaranteed selection in to the next intake of the DFA programme.

Eligibility for the DFH: This is decided/managed on a case by case basis; there is no age cap at the bottom or top end. We use the info we have gathered to make these decisions.

Selection Criteria: Players are not selected based on age groups, but on the ability and traits required for success at the highest levels in the future. The criteria are:

  • Current Ability (how they play the game now)
  • Potential Talent (player’s background, sporting history)
  • Performance Foundations (coachable, work ethic, resilience, motivation).

Next Intake:

There will be 6 games for the DFA during the season, these are as follows:

  • Watch this space for updates on the upcoming season