All competitions scored are administered using the CricHQ on line scoring system

To Download the CricHQ App from:

The ability to score the new Age & Stage formats will be in place on the CricHQ APP for Android and IOS. Please note that you will need to update the APP on your device’s APP Store prior to being able to use the new features.

Important: You must be an administrator for your team in order score on CricHQ. If you don’t have access then please contact your Junior Coordinator at

U8 & U9 (School Years 3 & 4)

  • Matches are scored in club score books or on paper score sheets. Each team is provided with a scorebook at the start of the season or, if required, a paper score sheet. More copies can be downloaded for printing by request.
  • The Basic Scorecard (i.e. net runs and total wickets for each innings) may also be entered on CricHQ after your match. This function is optional, however if you wish to upload your scorecard then contact your Junior Coordinator to arrange access to your team via CricHQ. Instructions on how to load a Basic Scorecard can be found by Clicking Here.

U10+ Grades (School Years 5+)

  • The match should be scored using the CricHQ App. The match can also be live scored ‘online’ or ‘offline’ after you have been set up as an administrator for your Team. As a back up, you will also be provided with a scorebook at the start of the season. If using the scorebook, you will need to upload your scorecard manually after the match – more copies can also be downloaded for printing by request.
  • If you are choosing to score the match ‘online’ you will need mobile data to download the match at the ground. Once the match is scored you simply upload the match and it will automatically sync it to the CricHQ cloud.
  • If you choose to score the match ‘offline’ you will need to download the match from home via Wifi or use your mobile data. Once the match has been downloaded, you can score the match ‘offline’ and upload it when you get home. Once the match is uploaded it will automatically sync it to the CricHQ cloud.

Useful Tips

  • Full tutorial on how to score can be found by Clicking Here.
  • Selecting players that are not already on your team list: If they are players from another WCC team you should be able to find them in the Club Members’ list and add them in. However, if they are not current WCC members then select ‘Create Player’ enter their first & last name and skip the next notification. After the match contact your Junior Coordinator at
  • Offline Scoring: If the match is not live scored the batting average (is overstated) and fielding stats (are understated) which means it may not be recorded correctly. Therefore if the system crashes we recommend you score the match ball-by-ball after match.
  • Playing Conditions/Rules: Your match game will already be set up to the playing conditions/rules for your particular match. You can also check this via the ‘match type’.
  • Wickets taken in the grace-period: When a wicket is taken within the batter’s grace period then the 3 runs is given to the BOWLING team, which if they are bowling first, you will see when they come into bat they will already have runs on the scorecard. The bowling team in the second innings will gain runs throughout the match if they get wickets. If a player gets out after the grace period it’s just a wicket no extra runs.
  • Help function: Find the button on the bottom of any page on the CricHQ website called ‘Need some help?’

If you have any feedback or issues, please send through to the dedicated CricHQ mailbox: and copy in and someone will respond as soon as possible.